Anvi Smart Defender 2.4 Free

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Real-time Protection from various malware threats.   Visit Website

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Rate: 3/5

Good: Light, Fast scan, Real-time Protection.

Bad: not full Version some option disable.


Windows7 Firewall Control v5.1


Windows7FirewallControl protects both local and remotely running applications from undesirable incoming and outgoing network activity.  you can block a program to access to internet .   Visit Website

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Rate: 3/5

Good: Easy to use.

Bad: in this free ver can’t block windows servers.

DNS Angel v1.3


The Internet is so vast and uncensored that it is capable of plaguing the young minds if the parents do not play their role in making sure that the bad websites are being filtered and blocked ,if you currently have no content filtering you can use DNS Angel v1.1 , it will protect your family from inappropriate websites and will Block Porn Sites Automatically (without Installing any Software) it is Freeware and Portable , Children Are Our Future , Please Protect them.   Visit Website

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Rate:  4/5

Good:  easy to use , user can delete program and internet will still safe.

Bad: users can download another copy and open internet.