Cut or Merge files.   Visit Website

Download Portable YoyoCut                             

o_2e72b27950177334-1 o_aabd7446f460f551-1 HiDrive yandex

Rate: 4/5

Good: Easy to use.

Bad: I don’t like cut files but I use it to merge.


ISO Toolkit 5


Create, Copy, Convert, Extract, Mount, Burn CD/DVD Image files (iso, cue, bin & nrg)

Download Portable ISO Toolkit      2.03MB

o_2e72b27950177334-1 o_aabd7446f460f551-1 HiDrive yandex

Rate: 3.5/5

Good: Very easy to use.

Bad: not support all CD/DVD Image, No burn file to CD directly

iNFekt v0.9.5


Viewing and presenting NFO, diz and asc  files.   Visit Website

DOWNLOAD Portable iNFekt       1.1MB

PowerFolder o_50f46aef1e258b08-1 Hightail CloudMe MEGA yandex

Rate: 4/5

Good: Enhanced rendering mode

Bad: Can’t create nfo file

PotPlayer 1.6.50158


Fastest Media player without needed codec , youtube skin .   Visit Website

Download Portable PotPlayer      45.13MB

cubby Box Pogoplug Hightail 4shared o_2e72b27950177334-1

launch: PotPlayerMini.exe (for 32bit), PotPlayerMini64.exe (for 64bit)

Rate: 5/5

Good: fast , play all media and broken one , thumbs on seek line .

Bad: Not found.

Anvi Smart Defender 2.4 Free

Anvi Smart Defender1

Anvi Smart Defender2 Anvi Smart Defender3

Real-time Protection from various malware threats.   Visit Website

DOWNLOAD Portable Anvi Smart Defender                             

cubby Box o_aabd7446f460f551-1 o_2e72b27950177334-1

Rate: 3/5

Good: Light, Fast scan, Real-time Protection.

Bad: not full Version some option disable.

Letasoft Sound Booster 1.1

Letasoft Sound Booster
Increase volume above maximum for your PC.   Visit Website

Download Portable Letasoft Sound  Booster 1.1                            


Warning: Do not Increase sound than normal in order not to damage the speakers.

Rate: 4/5

Good: easy to use, useful tool.

Bad: not combine with windows sound slider, not work with the blue-tooth speakers, Opera browser crash with that.

My WCP Watermark Editor 1.0.1

My WCP Watermark Editor Windows 10 remove watermark

Remove Windows 10 Technical Preview Watermark and Windows 8.1 Preview Watermark.

Download My WCP Watermark Editor 

cubby yandex

Rate: 4.5/5

Good: easy to use (Check Remove all watermark then Click apply new setting)

Bad: sometimes show error when program start but work normal after that.